FISC 金融情報システムセンター





Report of the Council of Experts on Outsourcing in Financial Institutions


I. Trends in outsourcing in recent years and changes in environmental conditions of Outsourcing
 1. Trends in outsourcing in recent years(近年の外部委託動向)
 2. Changes in environmental conditions of outsourcing(外部委託を巡る環境変化)
 3. FISC initiatives through now in response to these environmental changes and this Council's recognition
   of issues(これらの環境変化に対するFISCのこれまでの取組みと本検討会での課題認識)
 4. Necessity of studying IT governance(ITガバナンス検討の必要性)
 5. Overview of outsourcing(外部委託の概念)

II. IT governance and IT management(ITガバナンスとITマネジメント)
 1. IT governance necessary for security measures(安全対策上必要となるITガバナンス)
 2. IT management necessary for security measures(安全対策上必要となるITマネジメント)
 3. Notes on staffing plans(人員計画に係る留意事項)
 4. Decision-making by top management concerning important IT-related matters

III. Risk-based approach(リスクベースアプローチ)
 1. The necessity of a new form for security measures(新たな安全対策の在り方の必要性)
 2. Basic principles of security measures(安全対策における基本原則)
 3. IT governance in accordance with the basic principles(基本原則に従ったITガバナンス)
 4. IT governance through a simplified risk-based approach(簡易なリスクベースアプローチによるITガバナンス)
 5. Management responsibility for security measures(安全対策における経営責任の在り方)

IV. Risk Management in Outsourcing(外部委託におけるリスク管理の在り方)
 1. Various issues related to subcontracting(再委託を巡る諸課題)
 2. Thinking on responses to various issues(諸課題への対応の考え方)
 3. Risk management in outsourcing(外部委託におけるリスク管理の在り方)
 4. Risk management measures for subcontracting(再委託のリスク管理策)

V. Risk management at shared system centers(共同センターにおけるリスク管理の在り方)
 1. The significance of shared system centers and their distinguishing features(共同センターの意義と特徴)
 2. Challenges involved in shared system centers(共同センターの課題)
 3. Distinguishing features of shared system centers(共同センターの特性)
 4. Ways of thinking on risk management measures specific to shared system centers
 5. IT governance specific to shared system centers (forms of formulating risk management measures)

VI. Thinking on future revisions to Security Guidelines etc(今後の安対基準等改訂の考え方)

VII. References(資料編)